Digital Video Artistry has a wide range of experience with Social videography, Commercial videography and recording of Live Events. As a family business specializing in Artistic Videography for over twenty years we find that it is normal to engage with our clients rather than remaining a technical stranger. Every event is unique, some are quite extravagant. I wish you all knew how important this is to me and our company – to feel the satisfaction of knowing how important our creative and artistic work will always be.

  • Digital Video Artistry videoed our wedding this past August and we are so happy we found them. They did a wonderful job putting together a video that was personal to us and a great memory to watch for many years to come! I really liked how they came to the rehearsal at the church to meet our parents and the wedding party to help plan for the next day's events and get to know us. We definitely recommend them!
    Kristen & Justin L.
  • I have used DVA services on more than one occasion and find their work to be excellent, prices extremely competitive, and the follow through is amazing! Thanks to this company, I now have a quality lifetime of memories on DVD that I can share with my children and someday grandchildren. I highly suggest DVA for all your video and digital needs.
  • As a child I remember my Dad recording me, my brother, and sister on his reel to reel tapes. He cherished his children and wanted to preserve our voices for us and for future generations. In 2004 my Dad passed away. We all had children a few years later and we wanted our children to hear their grandfather’s voice as well as their grandmother’s and us as kids. With the reel to reel recorder broken, there was no way for us to listen to the recording let alone find the correct tape. I contacted DVA on a recommendation. Don was very nice and very willing to help me out. He generously drove to my house to pick up the tapes. After several trips and him listening to several tapes, he found one with the special recordings. Not only did he transfer them to CD but he eliminated all of the crackling and buzzing sounds that were on the original recording and made it sound crystal clear. He put a CD and a computer CD in a very nice case with pictures of us with our parents as kids. I was so surprised when I saw and heard the final product. It exceeded my expectations. He even touched up the color in the photos and put them on the CD as well. I purchased two extra copies for my brother and sister to give them for Christmas this year. I know they will be very surprised! I shared the recordings with my 4-year-old son and it was so amazing for me to see his face when he heard my Dad’s voice for the very first time. It gave me goose bumps and it was truly a moment I will never forget. I am very grateful to DVA for taking on this project and preserving something that is priceless to me and my family. They treated my tapes with great care and I know they charged me a very fair price for the time they had to invest in the project. I highly recommend them to you.
    Sharon C.
  • I have used DVA numerous times and have been very pleased. Don has created many birthday videos for my family and friends. He has also done recital videos of our daughter. He is very professional and aims to please. He goes above and beyond for his customer and his prices are very reasonable. He comes very highly recommended from me.
    Lorraine M.
  • As a teacher at a private school on the Main Line, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Digital Video Artistry for over 14 years! My fabulous class play is transformed into a magical masterpiece! Don not only captures those sweet faces performing their hearts out, but also adds amazing video and music that enhances the production. The children and their families are enthralled with the many secrets woven into the original. As an added bonus, we include a yearful of wonderful memories that include everything from class activities to special events and class field trips. Have your tissue box handy as Don adds a soundtrack of music that will bring tears of happiness and joy to your eyes! After all these years, I continue to have parents and students tell me how much they enjoy seeing their video. Schools, teachers, and parents, don’t miss the opportunity to have this amazing keepsake!
    Michelle J.
  • When my daughter announced she was engaged, among the many things I needed was a Videographer. Since I work in a large corporate travel company, I went to our marketing department who recommended Digital Video Artistry since they use their services for promotional videos for the company. I spoke with Don Check, their Director to go over different options and ideas. He displayed both professionalism and creativity. I was very pleased with the wedding video clips I was shown and surprised to learn that they even attend the rehearsal. When I received the finished product, I was overwhelmed! I could not believe how much detail and intimacy were captured. Both my daughter and her new husband were in tears as they watched the video for the first time. The video had a way of making that special day come alive once more to everyone. To say my expectations were met would be a gross understatement. Digital Video Artistry worked their talent and magic. The end result in their work was both amazing and awesome. I would highly recommend Digital Video Artistry to anyone who wants personal attention, unique images and unforgettable memories for a lifetime.
    Joanne R.