Our Team


My first video production was for C&S Research, a medical software company of which I was a part owner. We had medical practices throughout the United States and needed to train our customers when new software was released. I used our company equipment to video my first wedding in 1989. I enjoyed the response from my client and decided to continue shooting weddings as a hobby. In time, I was getting so many requests, I started Digital Video Artistry as a family operation which continues today. Another aspect of my creative skills is the fact that I was a professional studio musician and stage performer throughout high school and college. I performed on stage with the Supremes, Dave Clark 5, the Kinks, Beach Boys, Sony & Cher – jammed for hours with and sold a guitar to Eric Clapton. Today I have joined with my three sons and wife to expand our video and audio services.

Kyle Check, Videographer and Audio Technician

Kyle has tremendous computer skills, and also has an interest in gaming and became a nationally rated “Guitar Hero” champion. After many years of study, he is now teaching students of his own. He has added an audio sound studio to our facilities and has expanded our business to live stage recording. He is truly a great musician and audio technician.

Ryan Check, Videographer

Ryan has been DVA's second camera operator for over six years. He has wonderful skills regarding meaningful capture of various events. He also enjoys streaming and has a network of on-line supporters which enjoy his verbal and visual performance nightly.

Lee Check, Videographer, Photographer, and Don's extraordinary Wife of 28 years

Lee is second in charge. She has exceptional photographic skills, especially with children. Parents have always been amazed at how she is able to capture the most natural shots as though the camera wasn’t even in view. Her on-line research skills are second to none.

Dylan Check, Actor, Videographer, Editor

Dylan has displayed a very high level of interpretive skills. His animations illustrate communication levels beyond normal. His presentation skills always include subtle but very functional delivery. Ultimately, he has a future as a film producer with the ability to direct and deliver through effective guidance.